Makings Of A Public House


That’s a pretty solid declaration, but anyone who was around for the “birth” of The Quiet Man Public House really had to have second – and third – thoughts about being so positive.

The building that houses this lovely Irish pub was a derelict for 30 years or more. Walls and ceilings had collapsed, the floor was crumbled in many spots. One or two irreverent observers opined that if it were not for the cobwebs and spider nests, even more of the structure would have fallen.

Probably most important is Chuck’s attention to high-quality cuisine. From day one he has insisted that the kitchen staff follows his recipes to a “T”. If he comes in after the dinner hour starts and finds an offering not up to what he expects, he’ll immediately yank it off his menu.

The Quiet Man Public House has relatively simple lunch and dinner menus but the quality of the meals is uniformly high as is the level of service from a highly qualified wait staff.

Next to cuisine – before or after – is ambiance. This the Quiet Man Public House has in spades.

Quiet Man POI_4

The establishment is clearly delineated into three distinct areas:

THE CLASSIC TAP ROOM with its one-of-a-kind bar and back-lit back bar; Arthur’s Table where patrons can pour their own pints of Guiness; and the warm comfort of “snugs” like in the old country pubs.

The bar is totally unique. It is hand-crafted from teak removed from the deck of the World War II Battleship North Carolina and lovingly refinished to a mirror-like shine. It features a 12-position array of taps to dispense classic Irish, American and other well-known brews. The back bar comes from a 19th century church, typical of Irish houses of worship that have been replaced in recent years by more modern and updated buildings. The wainscoting in the bar area was created to mimic the arches of the back bar.

THE DINING ROOM is a spacious and comfortable area of tables and booths with some classic “dividers” providing a sense of privacy and intimacy. Attractive art work on the walls add to the ambiance and a “work bench” near the far-end of the room – originally designed as a wi-fi space for lunch-time dining and working – has attracted its own following for groups of up to 10 patrons.

THE OUTDOOR COURTYARD is the ideal party area when the weather is cooperative. Colorful tables, chairs, flags and other decorations give the area a festive feeling. The walls feature attractive rockwork that was exposed by chipping off concrete and other wall coverings during construction. The whole room is highlighted by wrought-iron grill work around exposed doors and windows.